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Support for young people during COVID-19 emergency

Many children and young people are now off school and spending time away from their friends, teachers and some family members. To help you stay happy and healthy through this crisis we've put together some of the best online resources we could find.

Childline has created a new web page with information for children and young people about coronavirus. The page includes information about: what coronavirus is, where children and young people can find help if they are worried, coping if they are staying at home and what to do if they are feeling unwell.

Children and young people's mental health charity, Young Minds, has produced this blog: What to do if you’re anxious about coronavirus.

The Anna Freud Centre's website has some great self-care resources and ideas in their 'On My Mind' section here.

Kooth - a free, safe and anonymous online wellbeing and mental health support website for 11 to 18 year olds - is also now available in Camden. Find out more and how to sign up here.

Local youth charity, Fitzrovia Youth in Action, has been working with young people to produce a series of short films. You can watch the first one here. It's called 'Fake News' and is about the way that the spread of inaccurate information on coronavirus can affect young people's mental health. It explores how a young person may deal with the new information received and the emotional effect it is having on a day-to-day basis.

For general advice and support, read or download this poster: Coronavirus support for young people - keep calm, stay connected, be safe or visit these 'Keep calm, stay connected, be safe' web pages.

Or you can visit the Mental Health Camden website for advice about coronavirus and your wellbeing.