Peacock to the Rescue - art competition at Belsize Community Library - Camden Rise

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Peacock to the Rescue - art competition at Belsize Community Library

The exotic and rare hoopoe bird features in Belsize Communithy Library's 2024 children's art competition.

Following the huge success of last year's peacock-themed children's art competition, Belsize Community Library has launched a new competition for 2024 - called Peacock to the Rescue.

Inspired by the incredible true story of an extraordinary event, when the exotic and rare hoopoe bird, typically found in southern England, was unexpectedly blown by a strong tail-wind that carried it far north, all the way to London. This remarkable bird was spotted by bird watchers in north London on 17 April 2018, leaving everyone amazed.

We would like to think that the hoopoe bird could have accidently found its way to the London Zoo, where it was rescued by our infamous peacock and the star librarian, Lucy.

Belsize Community Library is inviting nursery and primary school children across the borough of Camden to let their creativity take flight as they illustrate and depict this unique and captivating incident.

They are excited to see the imaginative works of art that this extraordinary story will inspire.

After reading the story, children are invited to design their own hoopoe rescue. Children can draw a picture of a hoopoe bird, Itty-bitty Hippo, Zig-Zag Zebra, or the Bookmobile.

The competition, which runs from 25 March to 20 May 2024, is open to nursery and primary school children in the borough of Camden. Artwork should be submitted to the library from 20 to 22 May in both digital image format and hard copies. Scanned images should be emailed to

The winners will be announced at the celebratory ball in the library on the 26 June 2024, from 4.30pm to 6pm, when there will be special guests and children's activities, such as designing your own badges and bookmarks. Five chosen finalists will receive £20 book vouchers.

Belsize Community Library will exhibit all submitted artwork and give participants the opportunity to visit the library and admire their creations over the summer.