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Support for young people during the COVID-19 crisis

Many children and young people are now off school and spending time away from their friends, teachers and some family members.

To help you stay happy and healthy through this crisis we've put together some of the best online resources we could find in this Camden Rise news blog post.

Kooth - a free, safe and anonymous online wellbeing and mental health support website for 11 to 18 year olds - is also now available in Camden. Find out more and how to sign up here.

You can also watch a short film by young people from Fitzrovia Youth in Action, called ‘Fake News’ about how the spread of inaccurate information could affect young people’s mental wellbeing during this emergency.

Emotional wellbeing

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

If you are not feeling emotionally well there are many ways to find help and support.

Want to find mental health support in Camden?

This video shows some of the places can find help

These are links to the support services shown in the video where you can get help

This site has information about different types of mental health support 

What happens if I see a counsellor?

This video shows what happens when you decide to see a counsellor or therapist


You can also chat to someone online at Childline or by phone on: 0800 1111