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Enter Camden's 2022 Youth Safety Multi-Media Competition

Camden's next Youth Safety Fortnight will be held this summer. Children and young people are invited to get involved by entering our 2022 Youth Safety Multi-Media Competition.

The overall theme of Youth Safety Fortnight 2022 will be ‘Keeping Children and Young People in Camden Safe’. The focus this year will be on the following:

  • The Safety of Young Women and Girls. This includes staying and feeling safe in the home, in the community, and whilst travelling. It is important to consider the views and perspectives of all young people, regardless of gender identity, to widen conversations and understanding.
  • Youth Exploitation. What keeps young people safe from exploitation? How can young people steer away from crime and get involved in positive activities? What are the consequences of getting involved in crime and youth violence?

The purpose of the Multi-Media Competition is to raise awareness of the issues affecting the safety of young people in Camden and promote conversation. The competition is designed to encourage young people to come together and think about their concerns, aspirations and hopes for the future. Your project should focus on one or more of the elements mentioned in the themes above

Who can enter?

  • The competition is open to children and young people in Camden aged 10 to 18.
  • Entries must be by children and young people in partnership with their secondary or primary school, youth organisation or play centre.
  • Entries can be generated by an individual child or young person, or a group of children and / or young people.

What do schools, youth and play organisations have to do?

Please submit a creative or multi-media project based on one or more of the themes mentioned above. Entries could include:

  • Poems, short stories or plays (can be written or performed / videoed, but no more than 3,000 words).
  • Short films - including animation, drama or documentary (no longer than 15 mins)
  • Video games (no longer than 15 mins).
  • Artwork - including paintings, poster designs, photography, collages or 3D artworks (please submit a video, photo or pdf of your artwork when sending your entry, with scope for us to see the final piece produced).
  • Songs, music and spoken word - including poems and raps set to music (can be audio/sound recordings or performances/videos, but no longer than 15 mins).

Please ensure:

  • Any soundtrack music or backing tracks you use are your own or copyright free.
  • The content is suitable to be read or watched by young people under the age of 16. The use of graphic violence and bad language may mean your project will not be considered.
  • Entries should be emailed to youthsafety@camden.gov.uk by 5pm, Monday 6 June. If you have any larger files (over 15mbs), you can send these by WeTransfer.

All competition entries may be shown during Youth Safety Fortnight, including on our websites, but the winning entry and two runners-up will be shown. 
For any questions regarding entries, please email youthsafety@camden.gov.uk


  • An overall winner and two runners-up will be chosen from submitted entries. 
  • The winning entry and two runners-up will be published during Youth Safety Fortnight 2022 to raise awareness.
  • The overall winner will receive a main prize of £500 for their school, youth or play organisation, plus vouchers for the young people participating (maximum of 10 vouchers for students who contribute to the winning project).
  • There will be two smaller prizes of £150 for schools, youth or play organisations who come second and third, plus vouchers for the young people participating (maximum of 10 vouchers per project for students who contribute to the second and third place projects).


Interested parties who require funding to deliver their project will also need to fill out an Expression of Interest Form and email the form to youthsafety@camden.gov.uk by 5pm, Friday 22 April

There is up to £500 of funding available for each selected entry (please note that £500 is the maximum amount granted; it is not guaranteed). This money is offered to cover facilitator costs, production costs, equipment etc needed by participants to develop their multi-media projects. 

For any questions regarding the form, please email youthsafety@camden.gov.uk