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Camden students celebrate their GCSE results

Camden secondary school students were celebrating on 22 August 2019 after achieving an impressive set of GCSE results.

Among the happy students at Parliament Hill School was Asma Maloumi, who is also Camden’s Deputy Youth MP and a leading member of Camden Youth Council. Asma was overjoyed to get seven of the top grade 9s in her GCSEs, as well as three grade 8s. She's staying on at Parliament Hill and the school’s linked sixth form, LaSWAP, to study English literature, history and French A-levels.

Asma said: “The last year has been so busy. A lot of times I thought ‘I can’t study and be on the Youth Council’. That’s what I’m really proud of - that I put in the work and was able to do well and do both. I’m celebrating with a nice dinner with family and some stress-free time.”

Her fellow Parliament Hill GCSE student Sasha Lewis achieved an incredible nine GCSEs at grade 9 and one grade 8. Sasha said: “I’m so happy - I want to be a doctor and I’m studying biology, chemistry, maths and Spanish for A-level. I’m celebrating at Reading festival this weekend."

At William Ellis School, GCSE student Oliver Paul was delighted to get three grade 8s, including an 8 in his music GCSE, three 7s, three 6s and one 5. He’s heading off to the Reading Festival to celebrate. Oliver is a violin player and said he has been playing since he was aged five or six.

Meanwhile, Haverstock School’s students were celebrating a strong set of GCSE results. Ahmednour Abdi was one of Haverstock's top performers. He achieved two 9s, two 8s, two 7s and a 6, which included much better science results than he expected. Ahmednour said he was now rethinking what A-levels he will take after getting a 9 and 8 in his combined double science GCSE.

Haverstock GCSE student Aimee Louisa Clapham plans to follow her uncle into a career as a police officer with the Met Police - she got an 8 in English literature, 7 in sociology, 6s in English language and citizenship and a distinction in her performing arts BTEC.

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