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Camden Rise website launches

By Anes Bouzouina, aged 15

Camden Rise is the new website made by Camden, for the young people of Camden. 

Up until now, the main way of accessing any information involving Camden was the Camden Council website, which was not always easy for young people to navigate or find what they wanted. Personally, I would only use the main council website when looking for the Camden Magazine and not much else. 

Anes Bouzouina

But now, with the creation of Camden Rise, there is finally one place I can go, as a young person living within the borough of Camden, to find information and access to the services provided by Camden. 

Camden Rise is a great, easy-to-access website, where all information on youth clubs, apprenticeships, summer courses, things to do and places to go is all in one place online and all extremely easy to find. 

What I also believe to be extremely important is that Camden Rise provides a place young people can go to for support with their wellbeing and safety, which is something that is much-needed for young people today and hopefully something they will take full advantage of.

This website is well-designed, with the help of the ideas and feedback of young people themselves, and the site is something that, as a young person, I find a joy to look at.

I believe Camden Rise has a lot of potential to be a website that young people and their parents will widely use. All that is needed is the right promotion on the right platforms – so please help spread the word. 

Anes Bouzouina, aged 15, is a student at William Ellis School and a member of Camden Youth Council.