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Written work by Camden young people from the YOS 

Articles and a poem from 'virtual' (online) reparations sessions held for young people aged 10 to 18 by Camden Youth Offending Service: 

Dealing with racism

If someone is saying racist stuff or posting racist videos online, if it is online you just have to record it for proof then report it. If it ain’t to you, you can’t really comment on it and start an argument because that makes you look like you’re in the wrong. 

If they are saying it to your face, then if it is right to react then you react but not physically, just verbally. You can say stuff back - not anything racist or as bad as them, just sarcastic rudeness. Then, if they are saying it to your face, record it for proof just in case they deny it. Then you have to report it to the police because even tho' it ain’t like a fight it’s still a hate crime against a certain colour. Even if they don’t get anything bad, at least you have that video for proof and at least you have reported it.

Lockdown Poem

This lockdown is harsh, People want to be safe
In 10 years' time our kids will be asking us, Why we had masks on our face
I want to be better at football, And play pro games
But lockdown is holding me down in my career just like a weight
It's not fair how some of us stay at home, While other people sit in parks drinking
Their ice cold coke.

Everyone stay strong, It ain't the best
We use this time to give this crazy world a rest
Hopefully one day, We can all say
We beat this virus, And then celebrate the day…

The impact of cannabis

The impact of cannabis can be bad and good, but the type of cannabis that has been recently going around, especially in the UK, is very bad and skunky, which has a very bad effect on the brain, as it is mixed with different types of chemicals.

I smoke hash but it is still bad on the brain and for doing normal day to day things, especially if you are a consistent smoker like I was. For the community, people who are living in a housing estate may find it annoying due to the smell of the cannabis, which is very strong. This may lead to them complaining to the council or police.

My mum always asked me to stop smoking, which a normal mother would do. As of right now, I have cut down on smoking and have more knowledge of the effects it has had on me. 

I have gained more knowledge of drugs and the impact it has on me and others, and how it has a bad effect on my body. The youth offending service has been helpful, and me getting caught with cannabis resin has helped to show me the bad effect of cannabis and to get more help, especially with me turning into a young adult.

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