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Camden GCSEs 2022 beat previous years

Regent High School's top student Nadia was thrilled with her results.

Camden GCSE students have achieved results which are above the national average – as well as up on last year’s GCSE results and the last time that students sat exams, rather than having grades assessed by their teachers. 

The results show that the percentage of Camden GCSE students achieving a ‘strong pass’ in English and maths – grade 5 or above in both subjects – is 59%, which is above both the 2021 figure of 55% and up on the last time that students sat exams in 2019, which was 46%. 

In addition, 32.7% of Camden GCSE exam entries were awarded grade 7 or above, compared with 26% nationally.

Regent High School GCSE student Nadia Hussain achieved an incredible 11 of the highest grade 9s in biology, chemistry, physics, English language, English literature, French, maths, further maths, geography, product design and business studies. Nadia is Regent High School’s highest achieving student this year, and in the school’s recent history. She plans to study maths, further maths and physics A-levels at the King’s Maths School, London, and is considering a career in engineering. 

Nadia said: “I was expecting to get maybe six or seven grade 9s – but not all 11 of them!” 

Both of Camden’s Youth MPs, Samir Qurashi and Aya Elgool, and one of the borough’s two Deputy Youth MPs, Hdayet Otaky, attend Regent High School – and all three of them were very happy with their GCSE results. 

Gary Moore, Headteacher of Regent High School, said: “I am absolutely thrilled by this incredible set of results, which are a testament to the fortitude shown by our Year 11 students during an international pandemic."

At Parliament Hill School, 55% of grades were at 9 to 7, compared with 26% of exam entries nationally. Among the high achievers were Parliament Hill GCSE students Eden Bailey-Davies, who achieved six grade 9s and four 8s, and Maggie Ketteridge, who got eight grade 9s and two grade 8s.

Eden said: “I feel like I should never have doubted myself because I knew deep down all the hard work would have paid off and it did.”