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Youth Safety Taskforce – One Year On

Young people, community leaders, professionals and residents expressed their determination to work together to prevent more deaths on the streets at an event to mark one year since Camden’s Youth Safety Taskforce Report was published.

The meeting in Kentish Town on 19 September, which was attended by over 100 people, featured presentations and stalls showcasing important work being done to address the 17 recommendations of the taskforce report – including projects funded with £500,000 awarded by the Camden Youth Safety Fund.

But the ‘one year on’ event was also an opportunity to remember those young people who have tragically lost their lives on the streets of Camden – and to strengthen the resolve of the Council, Met Police, community groups, residents, professionals and young people themselves to work together to end the needless violence.

Camden Deputy Youth MP Jessie Wernick (pictured), who spoke at the event, said: “It is amazing to see so many people here who care about our community and about young people in Camden.”

To find out more about the work of the Camden Youth Safety Taskforce and get involved visit our Camden Rise youth safety pages.

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